Cracker Barrel

This is where it all began for us.  The members of Sin City 5 Camaro Club from Las Vegas, Nevada were coming to St. George, Utah for a get together at Cracker Barrel.  We decided to crash their party and they welcomed us with open arms.  We had a great time getting to know these wonderful people and can't wait until the next get together.

They came by the house and took some awesome photos with us.

Here they all are posing next to their beautiful cars.

They even let us lead the cruise back to Mesquite!  What an amazing rush!

The view from behind.....beautiful!


  1. Have gone to Iceberg for the past two weeks and waited to see if anyone would show up. None did. Have there been some changes made in the meeting place and time?

  2. If the time and the place have been changed it would be nice if the web designer would actually include this on the web site.