Our Newest Member--Bumblebee

On Valentine's Day 2012, we decided to visit Stephen Wade Chevrolet to celebrate Esmeralda's one year birthday.  When we got there, this is what we saw on the showroom floor...

2012 Transformer 3 Edition...Steve was in love....again!

We took a couple pictures with Bumblebee and went home trying to figure out how we could get this car.  After a couple days, we were back at the dealership signing the papers.

Here we are leaving the lot...Esmeralda and Bumblebee.

Two days later, we took him on his first cruise to Area 51 in Rachel, Nevada. 

Bumblebee's first upgrade...new rims (well sort of). 
Steve put reflective yellow vinyl on them to make them stand out a little more.  It looks great!