Area 51--February 18, 2012

We joined up with the Sin City Camaro Club from Vegas to go to Area 51 in Rachel, Nevada.  We met them at the Love's off of I-15 and cruised on over with 13 Camaros and one Solstice (their mascot).  We made a couple stops along the way to take photos, then ended up at Little A'le'inn to have lunch.  After eating and more photos, we headed back to Love's where we went our separate ways to head home.  It was a great day with lots of great people. 

The restaurant sign where we ate.

The restaurant.

A closer look at the restaurant.

Pictures on the side of the restaurant.

Back door of restaurant.

A close up of the plaque from the monument.

A close up of the rock art at the foot of the monument.

A close up of the sign for the restaurant.

The menu.

Michel doing some shopping.

The aliens with their spaceships in the background.

Our newest member, Jan, mingling with the Vegas crew.

Alex and Jason, with Ami and Sara in the background.

Money hanging from the ceiling above the bar.

Laura, Joanie, and Jack.

The whole gang out by the cars.

Was that a UFO???

Oh no!  There's another one!

Here we all are around the sign.

Here we are with all the cars.

And now, the real reason you're looking at this blog.....the cars.

The view from Esmeralda's side view mirror looking at Bumblebee.

Another side view mirror shot...awesome!

The view from about 10 cars back on the drive to Rachel, Nevada.

We needed to make a pit stop.

The view out the back window.

All 13 Camaros lined up at the restaurant.

All 13 cars from behind.

The alien spacehip is about to land on our cars!

One of the aliens tried to drive off in Esmeralda.

A couple of our friends from Sin City Camaro Club...Ginger and Autobot.

Half of the cars all lined up at 'The Mailbox'.

The other half of the cars at 'The Mailbox'.

All the cars at 'The Mailbox'.

All 13 Camaros lined up in front of the Alien Musem.

Another shot of all the cars in front of the museum.

The view from up on the hill looking out to the road.

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  1. We have a mascot. Sweet! I never thought of it that way. lol