Lake Havasu Trip

Click on the link above to see a fun video of this awesome event!  We had over 70 cars drive from Laughlin, Nevada to Lake Havasu.....that's over 2 miles of Camaros driving down the road.  It was a beautiful thing to see.  Once in Lake Havasu, we closed the London Bridge, got all 76 cars lined up and on the bridge for a photo, then cruised the island, ending up at Javalina Cantina where we enjoyed good food and good times with all the Camaro owners.

The drivers are all lined up in the parking lot.

56 Camaros and counting...

This is an amazingly beautiful color.  It's called Sunset Yellow.  As you can see, it sparkles in the sunlight.

Another view of the Sunset Yellow Camaro.

One more view of this amazing car.

The view from the inside of the hood of the Yellow Camaro.

All 76 Camaros lined up along the side of the road in Lake Havasu after driving over the London Bridge.
An amazing shot of our friend Sara.

Here we are crossing the bridge.

This is the video showing all 76 Camaros going across the bridge. 
 We are towards the end of the the first row of cars.....about 52 seconds into the video. 

Somewhere between Laughlin and Lake Havasu.

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